Tooth Extraction

If your tooth is damaged or badly decayed and can’t be repaired with a filling or crown; it could be recommended to remove (extract) the tooth as a last resort.  When your tooth cannot be saved, tooth removal may be the best option for you.  There are many reasons for teeth extraction, below some of them:

  • Severe tooth cavity
  • Gum disease that would lead to the tooth mobility and bone loss
  • Tooth fracture that would appear in the root
  • Severe swelling around the tooth and gums with inflammation on the root
  • Crowded teeth and due to the orthodontic reasons
  • Wisdom tooth removal due to the ongoing issues

Usually, tooth extraction is carried out by the General Dentist; but sometimes depending on complexity of the case Oral Surgeon treatment is advised. During the procedure you would receive local anaesthetic that would block the pain; however, you still may feel a pressure. If you are very anxious dental sedation can be recommended. After the treatment you will receive detailed information for the aftercare.

General advice would be:

  • Not to rinse your mouth out at least for 24 hours after a tooth removal. This could remove blood clot that has formed, and you may start bleeding again or end up with the dry socket
  • After 24 hours following the procedure, please rinse gently with a salt water up to four – five times a day
  • Try to eat soft food once you first have your tooth removed
  • Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours and don’t smoke for as long as possible to avoid healing complications and dry socket development
  • Brush your teeth normally; however, try to keep your toothbrush away from the healing socket
  • If you have developed any pain; bleeding or swelling following the extraction please contact us as soon as possible. We would arrange a follow up appointment for the review
  • Depending on the complexity of extraction healing may take anytime between 10-14 days.

After your tooth is removed, we have several options how to close the gap:

  • Dental implant.  It is long-term, discreet solution for replacing missing tooth. Implant is made from the titanium screw that’s placed directly into your jawbone, replacing the missing root of your tooth.
  •  A dental bridge bridges a gap in your mouth and replaces a missing tooth by using a false tooth that’s bonded to the natural teeth on either side of the gap.
  • Dentures are removable plastic or metal frameworks that could carry single or multiple false teeth.

Please contact Fence House Dental to make a consultation in order to discuss your individual needs.


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