Smile Makeover

At Fence House Dental we use Smile Fast – the ground-breaking new development in the delivery of bespoke and beautiful smile makeovers using either composite resin (white filling material) or dental ceramics (porcelain veneers).

This new, streamlined and pain-free process allows us to design your smile, have full understanding of all the options for you, actually visualise what this perfect smile looks like in your own mouth, and finally deliver the life-changing results with a stunningly natural smile makeover.

Benefits of the Smile Fast makeover process:

  • Digitally designed smiles
  • Predictable results
  • Minimally invasive
  • Customizable bespoke smiles
  • Affordable solutions

How does Smile Fast work?

Step 1. Smile Fast design and consultation.

A digital scan / impressions and photographs will be taken of your teeth. Using this information your new smile will be designed and a digital image will be created for you to approve.

Step 2. Smile refines.

Your new trial smile will be physically placed over your current teeth using temporary material for you to see your smile in real life. Any final tweaks and adjustments can be made to your smile to ensure a perfect next step.

Step 3.  Smile Fast direct.

Your new smile will be fitted in one appointment, the process is pain free using minimally invasive techniques to deliver your dream smile.

Please contact Fence House Dental to make a consultation in order to discuss your individual needs.


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