Dental Hygiene and Gum Therapy

During dental hygiene appointment at Fence House Dental, we assess our patients Oral Hygiene and provide general oral hygiene advice recommending the best practices and products in order to maintain your smile fresh and healthy.

All our hygiene appointments provided under high magnification in order to achieve the best results and to remove every little stain as possible. We offer wide variety of hygiene treatments starting from “classic” scale and polish to high-powered non-abrasive cleaning system that would remove discoloration from the teeth.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, another name for gum disease is caused by bacteria that collects at the gum line as dental plaque. The plaque needs to be removed by brushing and cleaning between the teeth twice a day. If not properly cleaned, the gum starts to come away from the tooth, forming pockets and the plaque grows down below the gum line. Over time, the bone that supports the teeth is destroyed, the gums shrink and eventually the teeth become wobbly and fall out. That’s the science!

Most people can get mild gum disease but some people are susceptible to more aggressive forms. Severe gum disease, especially if you have it at a young age, can run in families. There are a few factors that put people at higher risk of getting severe gum disease. These include:

Periodontal disease is usually pain-free (sometimes called ‘the silent disease’) and so you may be unaware of it until your dentist or hygienist checks for it. Here are some ‘red flags’ – symptoms you may notice that should raise concerns:

Gum disease treatment aims to reduce bacteria around your teeth and prevent the disease from getting worse. Generally, though, treatment cannot replace the support your teeth have already lost. However, as a benefit of the treatment your gums will be healthier and you may notice following:

  • greater confidence of a fresher mouth
  • gums not being sore or bleeding when you brush
  • teeth becoming less wobbly
  • less discomfort when you eat
  • and ultimately, you will keep your teeth for longer

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