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At Fence House Dental we offer an award-winning Boutique Whitening System. It can help to remove stains and discolouration, whiten the teeth, and create a brighter natural-looking smile – without harming or damaging the teeth.


In a word….yes!

There are many over the counter methods that will give you the promise of pearly white teeth. Many of these will have little to no effect on the shade of your teeth. Most will simply dehydrate the teeth, and they will appear whiter for a short period of time, before quickly fading back to their original shade. At worst, these treatments can be very damaging to the teeth and gums.

Teeth whitening is an act of dentistry. You wouldn’t do a filling on yourself, so don’t try and whiten your teeth yourself – leave it to the professionals to ensure you achieve the best possible result.

A typical procedure would require one visit for a comprehensive dental examination. Legally, this must be done prior to teeth whitening. Pre-op photographs and impressions, or scans, can be taken during this visit.

It is advisable at this point to start brushing with Biomin toothpaste to ensure a more comfortable experience using Boutique Whitening.

You would then return in two weeks to have your new whitening trays fitted to begin your teeth whitening.

You would then whiten for between 3 and 4 weeks at home, or until you are happy with the shade of your teeth.

You would then return for a final assessment, and post-op photographs, to see how effective your teeth whitening treatment has been.

Each syringe of Boutique Whitening should last around 5 days when whitening the upper and lower teeth.

If you use too much gel, it may leak, causing sensitivity owing to irritation of the gums.

If you use too little, the teeth may not whiten very well.

  • What can I do to maintain my white smile after teeth whitening?

The dentist can help get your teeth beautiful and white, using prescription strength teeth whitening gels.  However, there are some habits that you can adopt to ensure your teeth stay whiter for longer. Here are three top tips to help you keep your beautiful white smile.

  1. Practise Good Oral Hygiene
  2. Think Before Food and Drink (smoking habits; drinking tea/coffee)
  3. Top-up Treatments

Top-up Treatments

Teeth whitening will improve the colour of your teeth, but they will eventually begin to fade back towards a darker shade. It is not enough to get your teeth whitened once – you must commit to a programme of top-up whitening in order to keep them that way. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best maintenance programme for your smile. Typically, 3 to 5 days of top-up whitening every 3 months will be enough to keep your teeth looking beautifully white.

The main side-effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. Up to 70% of people who have teeth whitening will experience some form of sensitivity, from mild discomfort to severe pain.  Some people may also feel some slight irritation of the gums or lips. Both of these effects are temporary and will resolve, given a little time, after stopping

Teeth whitening is regulated as a cosmetic product in the UK and Europe and must adhere to the UK and EU Cosmetic Regulations. This dictates that the strength of hydrogen peroxide cannot exceed 6% by weight in professional teeth whitening solutions.  At 6% strength, professional tooth whitening is very safe when used under the supervision of a dentist.

Teeth whitening will only work to whiten the natural teeth. It will not lighten existing dental work at all. Be aware that you may need to change any crowns, veneers or fillings after you have had teeth whitening. You will need to discuss this with your dentist prior to having the treatment, to ensure you are aware of the costs and appointments involved if this is required.

Teeth which seem at an acceptable shade, which is subjective for clinician and patient to decide.

Presence of composite restorations mixed with natural tooth structure, which will not

lighten with treatment. They may need replacing post whitening. If the restorative needs of the patient are too high, whitening may not be a good idea.

Porcelain restorations such as crowns and veneers will not lighten, and may require replacement after whitening treatment. Patients need to be made aware of the process and costs for doing this prior to teeth whitening, to ensure they consent to this.

  • Pregnant or lactating women.
  • Patients who are unable to be compliant.
  • Patients with unrealistic expectations.

Patients with exposed cementum and exposed root surfaces, as cementum does not lighten with teeth whitening agents.

The Regulations and EU Directive specifically state the product must NOT be used on patients aged.


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