Routine Care

A visit to the dentist can often cause anxiety. However, as popular saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”. Regular dental check-ups not only complement your general oral health; but also help to prevent and detect dental issues in the very early stages.

At Fence House Dental our friendly dental team will make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your check-up appointment. The dentist will go through your health history; examine your teeth, gums and mouth (oral cancer screening). Radiographs may be taken as well in order to detect cavities and further underlying issues. Oral Hygiene assessment with further recommendations will be provided for every patient.

Children check ups

 At Fence House Dental we understand how important it is to give your children the best start possible – ensure they receive excellent dental health care from the beginning of their dental journey. Therefore, we have introduced complimentary check-ups for all children up to the age of 6; whose parents are our current patients.

For more information, please contact our friendly reception team.


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