Crowns are artificial caps that cover remaining tooth under it in order to restore functional strength and improve the cosmetic appearance of the tooth.

Crowns made using your dental impressions (usually takes two appointments) and they are custom-created to cap your existing tooth, match its shade and saving it from being extracted. There are various reasons why you may need the crown, including: root canal treatment; extensive tooth decay or an injury. It always depends on the dental assessment that would include X rays taken as well if you are suitable for receiving a crown. There are various materials that can be used for this; starting from traditional metal up to Zirconia and Emax ceramics.

If you have further missing teeth, a dental bridge provides perfect aesthetic and functional solution, comprising a prosthetic tooth or teeth to bridge your gap, secured at each end by crowns.

All the pros and cons of each treatment including further alternatives and options always discussed at Fence House Dental with yourself on the consultation appointment.


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