PRP (Platelet Rich plasma) treatment

PRP is an autologous treatment procedure also known as own body treatment. It involves taking blood from the patient in a small amount and placing it in a centrifuge triggering cell reproduction and separating the plasma from the blood to produce a cytokine rich serum that can be used in many aspects of body healing processes.


Platelet rich plasma is used in a variety of sectors, including tendinitis, arthritis, skin rejuvenation, joint pain and injuries, hair loss and post operative wound healing.
Side effects of PRP are minimal to low risk. Although less common risks can be observed as follows

⦁ Tissue damage
⦁ Infection (at the injection site)
⦁ Bleeding

In hair loss treatment PRP studies show effectiveness against baldness preventing hair loss and promoting dormant follicles to further grow. It can also be incorporated after a hair transplant procedure to stimulate the transplanted hair to grow healthy.
Treatment options in hair loss can be made in sessions. After the first session patient should wait a few weeks or months for the serums to take its effect on the scalp, after which they can come in for a second session ideally 3 months post the first.


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